LIQUICK - Treatment of reverse osmosis concentrate

LIQUICK® - Preparation of reverse osmosis concentrate

LIQUICK® is based on the process of lime precipitation, but has been substantially improved.

The process uses state-of-the-art membrane technology and offers decisive advantages to the user due to its compact design and fully automatic operation. Thus, in contrast to the classical lime precipitation no large reaction vessel is necessary, which is reflected in lower investment costs.

In the LIQUICK® process, the raw water is treated with saturated lime water - for the production of which the EUWA also developed ELIWA® system is used. As with the classic LIQUICK® lime precipitation, the carbonate hardness of the water is precipitated as calcium carbonate or magnesium hydroxide in this way. However, the process is much faster in the LIQUICK® system. The precipitated reaction products are separated from the liquid phase in a second process step. EUWA uses state-of-the-art membrane technology for this filtration task.

The built-in special ultrafiltration membranes safely separate the precipitated products from the water. LIQUICK® thus provides an always clear and pure filtrate. In addition, these membranes also provide a reliable barrier for bacteria and viruses. In addition to the reduction of carbonate hardness and the removal of impurities, a sterile filtration of the treated water is achieved. The reduction of the carbonate hardness and simultaneous removal of other impurities opens up new possibilities for water recycling and thus the reduction of the specific water consumption.

Due to its modular structure, the LIQUICK® process is very easy to adapt to the performance demanded by the customer. It is thus adaptable to any size of company. Due to its compact design, it can also be easily integrated later into existing systems. It is also perfectly combinable with ELIWA® or reverse osmosis systems from EUWA. In the latter combination, LIQUICK® removes the carbonate hardness and other impurities from the reverse osmosis concentrate. The thus prepared concentrate can then be fed again to the membrane separation. In this way, the EUWA reverse osmosis systems achieve yields of up to 98 percent.

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