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The brewing water treatment contributes significantly to the taste of a beer, as rarely raw water is locally available in the respectively required, optimal water quality. However, the composition of the ingredients in the brewing water decisively determines the taste of the beer. Each type of beer (for example, ale, pilsner, wheatbeer) requires its own, individual brewing water composition, which can only be provided with the right brewing water treatment. An unsuitable brewing water quality not only affects the taste, but also interferes with the brewing process and thus increases the production costs.

Regionally different water composition = different brewing water treatment

Every spring water, well water and surface water has its own primeval composition. This is mainly due to the different soil layers and rock types with which the water came into contact on its long journey. As a result, the composition of the raw water differs from place to place and thus its influence on the taste of the beer. The treatment of the brewing water must therefore be adjusted not only to the beer to be brewed, but always also to the individual raw water composition on site.

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Typical processes of brewing water treatment:

  • Gravel / multilayer filtration and ultrafiltration to remove particles, turbidity and heavy metals from the raw water
  • Disinfection using ClO2 and UV systems
  • Activated carbon filtration for de-chlorination, removal of THMs, foreign taste and odors and discoloration in brewing water
  • UV irradiation for de-chlorination
  • Reverse osmosis plants for de-alkalization and desalinatio
  • Degassing systems for oxygen and CO2 removal

Special EUWA processes for water treatment in breweries:

  • CALMIX® for increasing the calcium content in brewing water: The calcium ions, which are important for the brewing process, can be adjusted with the CALMIX® process specially developed by EUWA to suit the respective beer type. Through this patented brewing water treatment process, the ratio of calcium, sulfate and chloride can be freely selected and adjusted.
  • ELIWA® Lime water production: The innovative membrane system is used to produce saturated lime water and further in the treatment process the desired calcium content of the brewing water. ELIWA can be ideally combined with the CALMIX® system and also easily integrated into existing brewing water treatment plants.
  • EROX® for brew water degassing: EUWA's EROX® degassing process allows energy-efficient inline removal of oxygen and CO2 content from the brewing water. This treatment process is equally required for dilution water in the High Gravity brewing process as well as for the production of various non-alcoholic beverages.
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EUWA: Over 50 years of experience in industrial water treatment

With over 50 years of experience in industrial water treatment for the food and beverage industry, EUWA is the specialist for individually tailored overall solutions for water treatment. For product water and mineral water treatment EUWA offers optimal and efficient treatment processes - Made in Germany.

Our further product portfolio also includes brewing water treatment and beverage water treatment (e.g. for soft drinks and fruit juices).

More about our patented processes and systems.

Typical water composition at selected locations without treatment

  Munich in mm Dortmund Wien Burton-on-Trent Pilsen
Total hardness (dH) 14,8 41,3 38,6 54,9 1,6
Carbon hardness (dH) 14,2 16,8 30,9 14,7 1,3
Non-carbonated hardness(d) 0,6 24,5 7,7 40,2 0,3
Ca (dH) 10,6 36,7 22,8 49,3 1
Mg (dH) 4,2 4,6 15,8 5,6 0,6
Residual alkalinity (dH) 10,6 5,7 22,1 -0,2 0,9
dry residue in ppm 284 110 948 - 51



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