CALMIX® - a process for tailor-made water quality

Calcium salts play a crucial role in the brewing process.

Calcium salts play a crucial role in the brewing process. They are needed both for influencing the pH value over the phosphate buffer of the mash and for precipitating oxalates to avoid gushing. Last but not least, they directly influence the sensory character of the finished beer. With the CALMIX® process, EUWA is opening up new opportunities for the brewing industry to tailor water quality to the needs of specific beer brands and beer types.

In CALMIX®, mineral acids and saturated lime water produced by the ELIWA process are reacted together to produce CaCl2 and CaSO4 according to the following equations:

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Brewing water Calmix®

  • 2 HCl + Ca(OH)2 = CaCl2 + 2H2O
  • H2SO4 + Ca(OH)2 = CaSO4 + 2 H2O

With the CALMIX® brewing water, the ratio of the salts in the finished CALMIX® solution can be freely selected via the dosage of the respective mineral acid. The only limiting factor for stainless steel components is the chloride content. With the CALMIX® brewhouse, the ratio of the salts can be adjusted via the dosage of the individually prepared saturated CaCl2 and CaSO4 solutions depending on the recipe.

In the brewing water CALMIX®, an individually configured solution of saturated lime water and mineral acids is dosed into the water before it leaves the brewing water treatment and is kept in the brewing water reserve. The brewery has thus set the desired calcium content and the desired ratio of chloride to sulfate in the finished brewing water fully automatically. In the brewhouse CALMIX®, in turn, lime water and mineral acids are not added to the brewing water, but saturated calcium chloride or calcium sulphate solutions are produced.


These solutions are then added individually, for example, when mashing, over-tipping or seasoning. Consequently, the brewery first produces a basic brewing water and then sets the optimum brewing ratio for the respective type of beer for the respective type of beer with the brewhouse CALMIX®. Compared to the conventional addition of powdery CaCl2 and CaSO4, the advantage lies in the continuous automation and the associated avoidance of manual intervention, which is synonymous with a reproducible and documented quality.

And: With CALMIX®, really dissolved salts are dosed and no suspension as with the administration of brewing gypsum which significantly increases the yield of the added salts and saves costs. Furthermore, the positive influence of pH value by means of the CALMIX® process is reflected in a significantly lower need for milk or mineral acids in the brewhouse, and it may possibly be dispensed with altogether. The CALMIX® process can be combined directly with the brewing water treatment or, as the CALMIX® brewhouse, it can replace the classic calcium chloride and brewing spirit.



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