Beverage water treatment: Customized systems and procedures of EUWA

Beverage water treatment plays a prominent role in the hygienic and efficient production process as well as for the right taste of the product. The required treatment technology always depends on the different composition of the raw water available on site and the requirements of the beverage produced. Every beverage (for example, mineral water, fruit juices, sodas, soft drinks and beer types) requires individually tailored water treatment. For example, many soft drink licensors provide exact specifications for the composition of the product water to be used in order to ensure the reproducibility of the correct taste of their beverages. This sometimes places great demands on the required water treatment technology.

Which processes are used for beverage water treatment?

EUWA is a world-leading specialist in beverage water treatment. With over 50 years of experience and more than 100 water treatment plants worldwide on five different continents, we are familiar with a wide variety of conditions and individually tailor-made treatment solutions for your beverage water.

    • Adsorption: The filtration of water through special adsorber materials removes unwanted substances such as arsenic, uranium, iron, manganese, but also hydrogen sulfide from the water to be treated. A tailor-made design for the respective raw water composition is essential for successful treatment.
    • Ultrafiltration: The ultra-small pores of the high-efficient membranes retain even the smallest particles in the water. With a pore size of approx. 0.02 μm, bacteria and even viruses are retained. This beverage water treatment technology thus creates an effective germ barrier. Ultrafiltration is also an ideal pre-treatment for subsequent reverse osmosis to reduce the fouling potential caused by organic deposits.
    • Activated carbon filtration: Beverage water treatment by activated carbon filtration is used for de-chlorination and the elimination of foreign taste, odors and discoloration in the water.
    • Reverse osmosis: Reverse osmosis is a very efficient method to reduce the concentration of solutes in the beverage water to be treated. The natural osmosis process on a semipermeable membrane is reversed by applying pressure on the concentrate side. Water can pass through the membrane while its constituents are almost completely retained. Reverse osmosis plants for the treatment of beverage water can be operated very economically and with a high efficiency of up to 95%.
    • Disinfection: For the disinfection of the beverage water, depending on the particular application, different treatment methods are used. A very effective and efficient method is the disinfection by means of chlorine dioxide. However, the use of somewhat more expensive ozonization may be useful, for example, when it comes to protection of treated drinking water until it is bottled and sealed. Another disinfection method is the irradiation with UV light, which, however, unfolds no depot effect in the water. This technique is often used in-line in beverage production, e.g. as the final processing step for the production of non-alcoholic, carbonated soft drinks.
    • UV treatment: In addition to the disinfection field of application, UV irradiation can also be used for the photochemical de-chlorination of the beverage water to be treated. For the UV treatment, however, a pre-treatment is necessary to remove turbidity from the incoming water to ensure a highly efficient transmission of UV rays in the water.
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Beverage water treatment processes specially developed and patented by EUWA:

  • CALMIX®: With EUWA's patented CALMIX® process, the ratio of calcium, sulfate and chloride in the treated water can be freely adjusted. Thus, for example, table water with a defined composition can be tailored independently of the location and raw water composition. The CALMIX® process is completely automated and ideally suited for inline quality control of drinking water treatment.
  • ELIWA®: The ELIWA® process, developed and patented by EUWA, is significantly more compact, more efficient and less expensive than conventional lime saturator systems, and in addition supplies highly reactive lime water. Together with the CALMIX® process, it is thus possible to adjust the pH value, carbonate hardness and/or the calcium content of the beverage water to the specified targets. The modular membrane process is extremely economical and can also be easily integrated into existing beverage water treatment plants.
  • EROX®: The EROX® process developed by EUWA is used for water degasing. Residual oxygen values of < 10 ppb are easily achievable without the use of thermal energy. This significantly reduces the oxidative effect of dissolved oxygen in the water, e.g. during the mixing process of non-alcoholic berverages. CO2 can also be removed from treated water if necessary. The CIP-able inline membrane system fulfills all microbiological requirements for water treatment in the beverage industry and is distinguished not only by very low operating costs but also by its compact design.
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EUWA: Beverage water treatment in perfection - Made in Germany

EUWA is a German plant engineering and manufacturing company specializing in industrial water treatment for the beverage industry. We deliver tailor-made solutions for the treatment of beverage water and the treatment of process water, e.g. for breweries, juice and soft drink manufacturers or mineral water bottlers. We offer the following key advantages:

Our engineers always design the required water treatment plants in close communication with our customers in order to identify the most suitable and economical solution. More details about our water treatment process.

Upon request, our after-sales service specialists can support you remotely via online access to the plant or on-site for regular maintenance works around your water treatment system. More details about our business after-sales-service.


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