ELIWA® - a modern membrane process

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ELIWA® is a modern membrane process that has replaced lime water production with the classic lime saturator.

In ELIWA®, water and milk of lime are mixed inline until saturation of the water to be treated occurs. The separation of turbidity then takes place via a membrane. This not only retains the smallest particles, but also represents a reliable barrier for germs and fours.

ELIWA® provides a clear, high reactivity, saturated, saturated lime water that has significant advantages in terms of turbidity over the lime water produced in the conventional process. The quality is continuously monitored in the process, which ensures the constant quality. ELIWA® can be perfectly combined with all water treatment processes that use lime water.

For lime precipitation methods, for example, to start the precipitation reaction using lime water. In this case, the more precise dosing option of saturated lime water, in comparison to, for example, lime milk, a decisive advantage, which has a positive effect on the quality of the decarbonated water. In conjunction with ion exchange systems, ELIWA® delivers clear saturated lime water to neutralize the resulting mineral acids.

This results in calcium non-carbonate hardness, which contributes to the reduction of the residual alkalinity in the processed brewing water, and thus has a positive effect on the pH value during mashing. In a second step, the desired carbonate hardness can also be set as calcium hardness over the lime water. This also applies to reverse osmosis systems, when it comes to bind the residual carbonic acid in the permeate.

Combined with reverse osmosis and the EUWA LIQUICK® process, the lime water of the ELIWA® precipitates the carbonate hardness. After membrane filtration of the LIQUICK® stage, the concentrate treated in this way can be returned to reverse osmosis. The total system of reverse osmosis, LIQUICK® and ELIWA® achieves a yield of up to 98 percent.

Last but not least, ELIWA® is an ideal complement to the patented CALMIX® process. Clear, saturated lime water is reacted with H2SO4 and / or HCl. The result is CaSO4 or CaCl2 in true dissolved form, which can be added to the brewing water or the mash in the desired ratio depending on the recipe, which particularly accommodates today's demands for a variety of different beer types.

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ELIWA® is much more compact than the lime saturator and has a much lower ceiling height.

With the modular design of the system, the power can be adapted to any requirements. ELIWA® is easy to retrofit and easy to integrate into existing water treatment plants. Finally, the investment cost is lower compared to Kalksättiger, but the quality of the Kalkwassers significantly better. These advantages make the use of the ELIWA® process both technologically and economically extremely interesting.


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